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Compliance Hotline: 800-783-0914
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Substance Abuse Treatment Access: 800-781-0353
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Your Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Rights

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health is committed to providing you the best service based upon your needs, regardless of cost or benefit coverage. As a customer, you have certain rights and responsibilities and it is important that you understand them. For more information on your rights, please see the MDHHS publication Your Rights When Receiving Mental Health Services in Michigan.

For Substance Use Services, you can find more information about your rights while getting substance use services in the Recipient Rights Brochure.

You have the right:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To convenient and timely access to services
  • To get help fast and in a respectful way
  • To use any hospital or other setting for emergency care
  • To be given information about your benefits, any limitations with the service network, and any cost that you will have to pay
  • To be involved in deciding what services you will receive and to decide whether family members and others should be involved
  • To have assistance in locating and obtaining additional available community resources such as: shelter, food, clothing, medical care, legal assistance, educational opportunities, recreational opportunities, inpatient services, residential services, psychiatric services, dental services, rehabilitative services, vocational services, transportation services, case management to provide access to needed services, family planning and health information services, and other necessities of life. Referral assistance to available family planning and health information services will be provided upon request. Receiving mental health services does not depend on requesting or not requesting family planning or health information.
  • To be candidly informed of services that you may receive and know who is available to provide services
  • To receive information on available treatment options, alternatives, as well as expected treatment outcomes
  • To be informed about your diagnoses and how they relate to your life situation/behaviors
  • To choose who will provide your service(s), as well as to request a change in your service provider(s) if you are not satisfied
  • To have interpretation services provided for you at no cost if English is not your chosen language or you have hearing impairments
  • To refuse services and be told about the possible outcomes of that decision
  • To express preferences about future treatment decisions
  • To be aware of and use advocates, (people who will help you make you opinions known) whenever you feel they are needed
  • To be free from restraint or seclusion as coercion, discipline, provider convenience, or retaliation
  • To receive services in a safe, clean, and caring place
  • To express a complaint/file a grievance about SWMBH, its providers and/or the quality of care that you receive and to have that grievance addressed in a timely manner
  • To personally review mental health information in your record, if you have not been appointed a guardian. If a part of the information in your record would be harmful to you or others, the information believed to be harmful may be withheld and you will be told this has been done. You can appeal this decision. You have the right to access all information in your record entered after March 28, 1996. If you or your legal representative believes that your record contains incorrect information, you may insert a statement to clarify the information. You may not remove what is already in the record.
  • A customer who is a child has the right to be represented by a parent, legal guardian, or custodial agency in the development or revision of the plan of care
  • To have all of your needs handled in a confidential way. Your written permission will always be needed to release any information about you, except when:
    • Medicaid or the State asks for clinical information
    • There is suspected use or neglect (child or adult), as mandated by State law
    • You or someone else is determined to be in immediate danger
  • To file an appeal with SWMBH as the PIHP, CMHSP, and/or Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • To have a provider, on your behalf and with written consent, file an appeal with the PIHP and/or CMHSP
  • To have a second opinion from a qualified health professional, within our provider network, or out of our provider network, at no cost to you if/when you are denied initial access to services or if you are denied inpatient hospitalization
  • To receive practice guidelines upon request
  • To additional information upon request concerning:
    • The structure and operation of SWMBH as the PIHP – including annual reports, current organizational charts, CMHSP board member list, meeting schedules, and minutes
    • Any physician incentive plans SWMBH or your local CMHSP are engaged in
    • To request a current or up-to-date listing of the provider network, you may contact SWMBH directly or you may find the provider directory on this website.

You may file a Recipient Rights complaint any time if you think staff has violated your rights. You can make a rights complaint either orally or in writing. Customer Services can also help you make a complaint.

For Mental Health: You may contact your local behavioral health services program to talk with a Recipient Rights Officer with any questions you may have about your rights or to get help to make a complaint.

For Substance Use services: Every provider has a Recipient Rights Advisor on staff. You can contact your provider with any questions you may have about your rights or to get help to make a complaint.

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