Service Numbers

SWMBH Main Line: 800-676-0423
SWMBH Customer Service: 800-890-3712
SWMBH Compliance Hotline: 800-783-0914
SWMBH SUD Access Line: 800-781-0353
SWMBH Portal


Crisis Phone Number: 1-800-675-7148

Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health (SWMBH) is the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP) for eight Michigan counties, and is in partnership with the Community Mental Health (CMH) agencies of these counties. SWMBH, in partnership with the CMH’s and local providers, provides mental health services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness, children with severe emotional disturbance, individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and individuals with substance use disorders. As the manager of services, SWMBH will make sure that services are given to you based on your needs and goals and are within the guidelines set by the state of Michigan. SWMBH strives to ensure that you and your family members are treated with dignity and respect.

A quality life in the community for everyone

At Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health, our mission is to be Michigan’s preeminent benefits manager and integrative healthcare partner, assuring regional health status improvements, quality, value, trust, and CMHSP participant success. Driven by our values of integrity, transparency, inclusivity, and accessibility, we strive to deliver on this mission by connecting our members to the personnel, treatments, and resources that they need.

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For the SWMBH Compliance Hotline, call
For SWMBH Customer Service, call
For the SWMBH SUD Access Line, call