Service Numbers

Main Line: 800-676-0423
Customer Service: 800-890-3712
Compliance Hotline: 800-783-0914
Substance Use Treatment Access: 800-781-0353

Veteran Navigator: 269-488-6853

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The philosophy, mission, and vision of SWMBH

As the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP) for eight Michigan counties, Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health is guided by our philosophy, mission, and vision. Striving to deliver access to needed care for eligible plan members, value to taxpayers, and community mental health services for individuals experiencing substance abuse crises and mental illness, we are committed to providing compassionate, respectful treatment.


Our Philosophy

Quality and excellence through partnerships.


Our Mission

SWMBH strives to be Michigan’s preeminent benefits manager and integrative healthcare partner, assuring regional health status improvements, quality, value, trust, and CMHSP participant success.


Our Vision

An optimal quality life in the community for everyone.


Our Purpose

  • Meet legal obligations as a managed care benefits administrator for a variety of business lines including: Medicaid, Healthy MI Plan (HMP), Autism Waiver, SUD Community Grant, and PA 2 Funds
  • Assure:
    • Access to needed care of eligible plan members
    • Acceptability of purchased services by consumers
    • Impact of the care delivered
    • Value for taxpayers
    • Manage minimal risks for taxpayers
  • Assure consistent application of uniform benefit of all Medicaid/HMP/SUD Community Grant funded behavioral health and substance use disorder services
  • Manage all mental health and substance use disorder Medicaid/HMP/SUD Community Grant funds pro­vided to the organization either directly or via contract
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