Service Numbers

Main Line: 800-676-0423
Customer Service: 800-890-3712
Compliance Hotline: 800-783-0914
Substance Use Treatment Access: 800-781-0353

Veteran Navigator: 269-488-6853

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How to Access Services

Call Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health (SWMBH) with questions about our services or network. We can give you the necessary information about mental health and/or substance use disorder services. We can link you with a clinician to do a screening/assessment to determine what services you may qualify for.

SWMBH partners with a network of providers in our eight counties. You have the freedom to choose from our contracted providers in this region. If you have questions or concerns about a provider or would like a current or up-to-date listing of our provider network, you can contact SWMBH directly. You can also find our provider directory on this website on the “Find A Provider” page.

Substance Use Services

If you are looking for substance use services, you can call SWMBH directly. We are the Regional Coordinating Agency to provide services to people with substance use disorders. If you have Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, or do not have insurance, please call our Substance Use Access line at 1-800-781-0353.  If you would like to submit a consent to share behavioral health information between SWMBH and your provider(s), you can do so online here.  For the Spanish form, click here.

We will do a phone screening with you to see what services you qualify for. If you qualify, we will refer you to a provider. You can also call your local community mental health agency as many of them offer substance use services as well. They can help you through the screening process. If you have private insurance through your employer, you will need to call your insurance plan for a referral to services.

Mental Health Services

If you have Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, or do not have insurance, please call the community mental health agency for the county where you live. They will do a screening or assessment with you to determine what services you may qualify for. If you qualify, they will refer you.

Access phone numbers for the county Community Mental Health (CMH) offices:

Barry County                                     269-948-8041 or 1-800-873-0511

Berrien County                                  269-925-0585 or 1-800-336-0341

Branch County                                   517-278-2129 or 1-888-725-7534

Calhoun County                                 269-966-1460 or 1-800-632-5449

Cass County                                        269-445-2451 or 1-800-323-0335

Kalamazoo County                            269-373-6000 or 1-888-373-6200

St. Joseph County                              269-467-1000 or 1-800-622-3967

Van Buren County                             269-657-5574 or 1-800-922-1418

***Emergency services are available 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

For the SWMBH Main Line, call
For the SWMBH Compliance Hotline, call
For SWMBH Customer Service, call
For SWMBH Substance Use Treatment Access, call
For SWMBH Veteran Navigator