The ASAM Criteria

Self-Paced ASAM Criteria Training

NOTE: This is not the same training as the ASAM Continuum

Who can attend: Only those who have never taken the ASAM Criteria Skill Building in the past 5 years.

Training Description: This interactive, self-paced course is comprised of reading and recorded videos. The flow of this course uses a mix of didactive materials, case studies, learning activities, and assessments to help you understand the underlying principles of the ASAM Criteria, how to conduct a multidimensional patient assessment and determine an appropriate level of care. Further, by utilizing real-world scenarios, the course will prepare you to implement the ASAM Criteria effectively within the context of system challenges.

Please note: No CE’s will be given for this self-paced course.

Registration Fee: $20 (not covered by SWMBH)

Registration and Approval Process:

  1. The attendee must be referred directly through SWMBH
  2. The attendee must email with their name, agency, email address, and verify that they have not taken the ASAM Criteria training within the last 5 years.
  3. Once approved, the attendee will receive a link from CMHA to register and pay for the course.
  4. In the attendee’s registration confirmation email, there will be instructions on how to complete the self-paced course.

ASAM Criteria – SWMBH